Imperial Exchange

is a utility for streamlining the editing and creation process for ROMs. Making or adjusting to different tools for different systems can be tedious, and sometimes a headache to even find tools for obscure systems. Perhaps you want to edit a game's levels, but want a simple framework to do it with rather than writing a tool from scratch. Maybe you make original games, and you need something to convert your resources as well as your code.

These things are what this project aspires to streamline. Frankly, hacking is a huge pain in the ass. It's more of a mastery of adaption to your interfacing rather than the systems themselves. I want to do anything I can to make that easier, for myself mainly. Therefore, eventually, Imperial will become a suite of tools to this effect. Namely, I will remake an old [unreleased] project of mine to aid in scanning binaries for graphics data. Other tools like that, as well. I want to make a good hex editor too because they don't seem to exist.

The system strives for being the be all and end all of binary conversion and modification. It can easily support things besides ROMs, even if that's its focus.

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Basic Usage
Library Development
How to use the command-line interface to apply other peoples' projects. How to use the given tools and what for.Learn how to write your own RPL files to modify or create content.Learn how to create your own library to add custom structs or data types.

Or you may browse the technical specification.